Self-Care: 6 Good Practices To Take Care Of Yourself

Self-Care: 6 Good Practices To Take Care Of Yourself

Self-care is necessary even when we are not sick. It keeps us grounded as we stay in shape holistically. We often overlook this crucial measure as it takes so much effort and it’s easier to be a couch potato. Who doesn’t love getting comfy and binge-watch on Netflix? Plus, a cup of hot chocolate and your favorite snack especially when it’s bed weather? By the way, that’s also self-care. 

Practicing self-care is one of the greatest gifts we can give to ourselves (and the people we surround ourselves with as it influences them).

Here are 6 self-care practices that are good for you:

  1. Talk to yourself positively.

    When you wake up early in the morning, say something positive about yourself or the world. We know. Sometimes It’s hard to do so. Finding positivity takes practice and hard work. But hey, it’s all around. It’s also found from within.

  2. Read a book every day.

    Or maybe, since you are always on your phone, read posts from accounts/pages that share positive quotes & words. It will give you fresh outlooks on life. 
  3. Exercise. Exercise. Exercise.

    It’s a struggle. Yes. But it would be more problematic if you let your body experience illness later in life. It would also be harder to treat a health condition. Starting young is going to program your mind to stay disciplined. Gym or your room, exercise is exercise. Throw in clean eating in the mix will make things so much better too!

  4. Acknowledge your mistakes.

    Mistakes are there to reroute you to something better. It’s an opportunity to learn and do better. If you’re always right, what’s there to learn?

  5. Listen to people who inspire you.

    It’s a no-brainer that we get inspired by listening to people with kindred spirits. Let alone speaking to them. It could be your friend, a family member, a professor, a workmate, or whoever it is that inspires you.

  6. Say yes to supplements

    Sometimes we don’t get enough nutrients from the food we eat. How do we maintain energized? The answer: dietary supplements. For optimal functioning and psychological health, supplements were created. But not all supplements are created equal so you have to pick the right one. 


We could go on with this list but we will save that for you on your next read. Self-care must be a priority and we are here to give you some guidance.

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